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Jacopo is the perfect combination of talent, genius, ethics and fun.
His cuisine has become an international point of reference in just a few years and through it he has conceived a new way of understanding, working and respecting fish.
Brace is a whiskey that contains within it the pulsating soul of Jacopo's cuisine, fire, and releases complex hints of spicy and unexpected smoke that bring to mind the memory of summer bonfires on the beach.

Brace is the peated whiskey that will amaze you, unique in its kind, it combines vegetal and earthy sensations with a smoke characterized by acrylic and mineral notes.


The entry is sweet and enveloping, the peat is present but not overwhelming, notes of ripe fruit, walnut husk and oil fresh from the mill arrive.
Mineral scents reminiscent of sea water play with the esters donated by the rum barrel, the mouth is pervaded by milk sweets and the evolution leads to citrus scents and medicinal herbs from the Mediterranean scrub.

Only at the end do the tertiary hints given by the barrel arrive recalling sugar cane, molasses and smoked caramel.