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If you happen to catch Jacopo Mercuro's gaze, you immediately understand that he is in turmoil .
A continuous and constant ferment, which is the basis of its product, pizza, but is also the fundamental process for the creation of a great whisky.
He is the Renaissance of Roman pizza, he took it to places where only the imagination could reach and now he is no longer a pizza chef but a chef.
This whiskey is like him, direct, genuine and uncompromising.

Fermento is a whiskey of rare finesse which represents the most elegant side of aging in sherry cask.


The first memory that this whiskey has the power to ignite is the childhood memory of cream and strawberries, whether they are Big Bubbles or spring snacks, just bring the glass to your nose and you immediately become a child again.
More intense hints of Jamaican pepper, black currant and pink grapefruit then emerge which intertwine with the aromas of wood and vetiver given by this extraordinary barrel.


The first sip immediately makes us understand that we are faced with a whiskey that is different from the usual, complex, unexpected and sharp.
The entry is a mix of red fruits with a touch of eucalyptus and a dusting of coffee, extravagant but extremely charming with a clear sensation of lactic texture. An enchanting acidity follows, almost reminiscent of a great French rosé which blooms in a bouquet of dried Damask rose.

The finish is long and persistent but of great elegance with toasted notes of Ethiopian coffee and raw cocoa.