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Servaj means wild in the Occitan language and perfectly represents the authentic spirit and deep attachment to the land of Juri's cuisine.
When you cross the threshold of Reis you enter an agricultural project, the restaurant and the kitchen are the means to enhance and communicate it and the spirit of the family is the founding value.
This whiskey reflects the sensations of warmth and intensity that only a home can give.

Servaj offers unique, rich and complex aromatic lines that best express aging in Oloroso Sherry, a whiskey that paves the way for the future by winking at legendary flavor lines from now forgotten bottlings.


The entrance is immediately powerful, with the memory of the taste we travel towards Andalusia, sweet, spicy and rounded, whose complexity makes us perceive from the beginning the ripe fruit that distinguishes it, elegant notes of strawberries, black cherries and leather.
Hints of candied fruit make room and the ancestral memory now takes us to Sicily where the sweet memories of raisins compete with the aromas of that chocolate that only Modica can make, the extremely long finish adds bittersweet notes recalling caper flowers and fresh mint but everything happens with an amazing balance.