Testa Cuore Pancia

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Diego is a friend for us, a teacher and one of the first people who decided to believe in our dream from day zero.
Diego is the chef who brought attention back to the kitchen where it deserves, on substance rather than form and with his energy he created a movement that many chefs have joined and even younger ones have taken as a model.

His motto has always been: "from the head, from the heart, from the belly" and we wanted to pay homage to him by giving this name to one of the most refined and authentic whiskeys that we have been lucky enough to bottle.

A whiskey from other times, of legendary grace and elegance.


A whiskey that has within it the true essence of Scotland, time. When you hold the glass to your nose we are enchanted by a mixture of aromas that recall the past, parchment, damp earth, cocoa beans, incense and a touch of sweetness that recalls the scent of a classic grandmother's cake.
The scent of this whiskey is the same that we find inside the oldest warehouses in Scotland.


A great coherence between smell and taste, the custard is combined with notes of heather honey and a continuous reference to hints of oriental woods pave the way for more elegant notes of Parma violet and fig leaves giving this whiskey the power of transport us into a real sensorial experience.
The finish is gentle and greets us with hints of an old book, wild flowers and icing sugar, reminding us that there is no need to rush but rather an extreme respect for time, the main ingredient of this great whisky.